Understanding Solar Power – 5/9/2011

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Understanding Solar Power – 5/9/2011 [1]www.shamrockstocks.com Understanding Solar Power Solar energy technologies use the suns energy and light to provide heat, light, hot water, electricity, and even cooling, for homes, businesses, and industry. There are a variety of technologies that have been developed to take advantage of solar energy. These include: [2]Solar Hot Water, [3]Solar Electricity, [4]Passive Solar Heating and Daylighting, [5]Solar Process Space Heating and Cooling and [6]Photovoltaic Systems.

[7]OTCQB:XSNX, a recent stock for your watchlist, managed to leverage existing technology and re-engineer proven processes to create [8]CIGSolar: The Manufacturing Advantage. This new, hybrid, patent pending manufacturing solution is designed to produce high performance, low cost thin-film [9]CIGS solar cells; a low cost alternative to traditional silicon solar cells currently used in nearly 75% of all solar modules manufactured worldwide.

If you haven`t heard of [10]XsunX, Inc. by now, you are behind on your homework! [11]START YOUR RESEARCH NOW! Their [12]CIGSolar solution revolutionizes the solar industry by providing the highest yield [13]CIGS manufacturing technology available in the market today. Robust magnetic media manufacturing technologies combined with proprietary thin film co-evaporation manufacturing processes will:

* Improve [14]CIGS solar cell efficiency for lower per watt production costs * Provide tighter process controls with highly efficient small-area (about 6×6 square) solar cell processing techniques * Provide multi-megawatt production through-put rates through the use of high-rate material processing and handling technologies proven to improve yields and lower costs within the HD industry.

* Increase production yields through the use of stainless steel substrates that reduce breakage loss and increase manufacturing yields.

* Incentivize manufacturers by reducing per megawatt capital investment and per watt product production costs while achieving sustainable differentiation in the highly competitive solar market.

[15]OTCQB:XSNX[16] has assembled a World Class Team responsible for all aspects of the installation and implementation process:

* Complete [17]CIGSolar cell manufacturing lines Dependable, high-throughput, high performance, reliable process equipment * Over 100 years of combined manufacturing and TFPV experience * World-wide engineering support * Complete end-to-end project management * World-wide installation, implementation, and service for production lines Recently, [18]OTCQB:XSNX[19] was mentioned in a press release from [20]MAG, a leading machine tool and systems company serving the durable-goods industry worldwide with complete manufacturing solutions. For more information visit [21]http://www.xsunx.com/.

Other Stocks of Interest:

[22]OTCQB:CCGI a company that intends to be an owner, provider and servicer of electric car charging stations to building owners, parking garages, municipalities, sporting venues (e.g. football and baseball stadiums, as well as basketball and hockey arenas) and ultimately to provide the ability for the EV owner to have charging services in public areas on their network. For more information visit [23]http://www.carcharging.com/.

[24]OTCBB:LEXG a stock that traded at a low of .07 as recently as March 18th, 2011. This stock [25]SURGED all the way to a high of 10.68 on April 28th before it found a home trading around the 5.00 mark. Hundreds of millions have traded hands on this one. For more information visit [26]http://www.lithiumexplorationgroup.com/.

[27]PINK:UBRG an alternative energy company working to contribute to the clean energy and clean technology industry by marketing natural and alternative energy sources including, Natural Gas, Solar, Biofuels, Wind, Synthetic Fuels and related energy technology products, internationally. It plans to build the company into a prominent player in alternative green energy. For more information visit [28]http://www.universalbioenergy.com/.

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